Readers Reviews For Sudeep Nagarkar Books

Reviews For Sudeep Nagarkar Books

Readers Reviews For Sudeep Nagarkar Books…

Reviews For Our Story Needs No Filter

The one from my favorite author. Some books get you connected with the characters of the story, you get emotionally attached to them, their story. Sudeep sir writes that kind of novels. I’m sure you will read the whole book in one seating only like I did. No doubt his books always gets ranked on best sellers list. Hats off to the story, the author and whole team behind it. –By Manasi Gandhi.

Sudeep’s book as usual never fails to excite you. Such an interesting book which when I shared with Native English Speakers here in the US, they all enjoyed a lot. I had goosebumps moments, tears, smiles and laughter in real time, throughout the book. –By Mohan Gaanz.

Really an awesome book it is.learned some new things about the friendship and love. Not only this book…also from the others books too.. Your books are my all-time favorite. Describing one side of the politics n on the other about the friendship makes us feel good.people who don’t like the politics also will like it as it is involved by the students… And one thing I liked the most is showing the trend of college life and people attitudes in college. Thank you Sudeep Nagarkar for launching this kind of books to the Indian society. –By Amazon Customer.

Reviews For Few Things Left Unsaid

Must read for all those who care for someone and love someone.It has everything which one will love to read.Surely a page-turner. –Anushka.

This is the book which will make even a rock to cry, Aditya and Riya are so adorable.I really cried when I finished this book. — by Madhu.

I started this book last night and I have it finished today and its like evening right now. It’s an amazing book which captures the life of a young guy going through several lows and highs but in the end, concludes with an important message that trust is all that is expected when you are in love. — Piyush.

Reviews For It Started with a Friend Request

I recently read many books but this one stands of all. It takes you to mesmerizing ride of life which leaves you stunned midway and forces you to read more and more. A lovely experience and will suggest this book to all my friends. A must-read for everyone. It has everything for everyone in it. A monsoon book for sure this year. –Nikhil

Sorry, You’re Not My Type

Must read especially for d teenagers…It is a beautiful story which will keep u enthralled even for a day or two after finishing it (as it did to me) The most touching part is ‘What’s my fault?’ a chapter which will surely bring tears to your eyes when you can feel the pain of Anamika. –Disha Mehta.

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