She Swiped Right into My Heart by Sudeep Nagarkar

She Swiped Right into My Heart

She Swiped Right into My Heart is written by Sudeep Nagarkar one of the finest writers of India. The Book, She Swiped Right into My Heart is a story about love—gained and lost—and the healing power of friendship.

Product Description

Book Name:- She Swiped Right into My Heart

Author Name:- Sudeep Nagarkar

Love, friendships, and relationship are not defined for our generation. The boundaries between them are often blurred and the result is often full of tears and confusion. “She swiped right into my heart” by Sudeep Nagarkar is one such gripping tale of three friends


If you have never had friends, you have never really lived Geet. Geet is one of the most unpopular and unknown girls in college. And she is the best friend with the beautiful and sought-after Shibani.

To gain the popularity vote, Geet takes the help of college hottie boy Rudra, who agrees to act as her ‘boyfriend’—he sees the chance to get closer to Geet’s best friend, Shibani. Little does he know that Shibani has been harboring feelings for someone else all along. As jealousies and misunderstandings take center stage, Geet must make a decision that will affect not just her own life, but also those of her loved ones.

About The Author

Sudeep Nagarkar is the Author of six #Bestselling novels—

  • Few Things Left Unsaid
  • All Rights Reserved for You
  • That’s the Way We Met
  • It Started with a Friend Request
  • Sorry, You’re Not My Type
  • You’re The Password to My Life
  • You’re Trending in My Dreams

He is the recipient of the 2013 Youth Achievers’ Award and has been featured on the Forbes India long list of the most influential and powerful celebrities. He also writes for television and has given guest lectures in various renowned institutes and organizations.

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